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T-type percussion hammer

Product list:Percussion hammer

Model: ks-0204

Material: zinc alloy and PVC produced.

product description
Technical Data Sheet

1) Product description:

This product is made of zinc alloy and PVC, doctors can hit other parts of the patient's knee or test response capabilities

Reflex hammer with metal handle and hexagonal connection hammer, the top can spin out needle, needle length 45mm, the tail can spin out brown brush, length 42mm, hammer length 58mm, overall length 178mm.


T-shaped vertical percussion: Multifunction double-headed hammer buckle diagnosed with retractable needles and can be screwed into the brush for skin and stretch reflex


Hammer: chrome-plated copper hammer head ends were equipped with large and small tendon rubber head for tap, equipped with pinhole test may have screwed the needle to the skin reflected


2) Packing Information: 100pc / box

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